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Path to Big Savings - Set of (3)

Below are several popular options.  For those of you purchasing nickel cones not listed, you can order the kit(s) below and we will contact you to verify all details, then fullfill your specific request.

PerkinElmer Elan Kit: ($1,123)              Agilent 7500 Kit: ($1,622)
SC2011-Ni/WE021140 (Qty 3)                  HP1001-Ni/G1820-65238 (Qty 3)
SC2012-Ni/WE021137 (Qty 3)                  HP1002CE-Ni/G3270-65024 (Qty 3)
includes set of o-rings                               includes sample cone o-ring

PerkinElmer NexION Kit: ($1,323)       Agilent 7700/8800 Kit: ($1,649)
SC4011-Ni/W133612 (Qty 3)                    HP2001-Ni/G3280-67040 (Qty 3)
SC4012-Ni/W1026356 (Qty 3)                  HP2002X-Ni/G3280-67041 (Qty 3)
includes sample cone gasket                  includes sample cone gasket

ThermoFisher PQ/Excell/X-Series Kit: ($1,026)       
VG1021-Ni/3004661 (Qty 3)                                  
VG1004-Ni/3200860 (Qty 3)            ThermoFisher QMS cones come with
includes sample cone gasket           FREE cone tool (first order).   

Please call if your cones are not listed.  ALL nickel cone sets are eligible for this promotion.

* Cannot be combined with Ni reclaim credit.


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