Find the highest quality ICP & ICP-MS cones and consumables for your system.

Spectron LLC is the leading manufacturer of high-quality ICP-MS cones and consumables. Our ICP-MS cones and shields are built for most any ICP-MS instrument. Simply search below by looking for a product (“PerkinElmer sample cone”) or by OEM or Spectron Part Number.


Refurbish Reclaim

We are all aware of the environmental issues prevalent in today’s high technology world. In an effort to reduce our environmental footprint, Spectron, Inc. has implemented a recycling incentive program as follows:

Nickel & Copper Recycling

   $20 credit for each nickel, or nickel/copper sample cone returned

   $10 credit for each nickel, or nickel/copper skimmer returned

There is no limit to the number of cones you may return.  You may also recycle any ICP-MS cones regardless of manufacturer.   Recycling credit may be used toward the purchase any Spectron cone products for up to a 20% discount off the invoice value.  Cannot be combined with any other discounts.

Platinum Cone Refurbishing

All Spectron customers may take advantage of our free Pt cone refurbishing program.  Whether your cones have baked on refractories, were accidently dropped, or slightly degraded from use, we can often repair your cone to manufacturers specification.   Depending on their design we can repeat this process once, or even several times, extending the lifetime of the cone dramatically.  If you are not a Spectron customer you can receive this service for a nominal fee, or choose to purchase at least one set of cones per year for twelve months of free service.

Platinum Reclaim

Inevitably your cones will no longer be usable.  They will either be damaged beyond repair, or they will no longer have enough material to rework them to manufactured specifications.  Spectron Inc. will accept these cones and return credit to you based on the current, average market value of the platinum alloy extracted from these used cones.  The credit may then be used for the purchase of any products Spectron sells.  Spectron will also accept Pt shields and Pt crucibles, returning the highest amount of credit back to you.

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