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Path to Big Savings - Set of (3)

Below are several popular options.  For those of you purchasing platinum cones, or individual nickel cones you are still eligable for our 15% web discount.

PerkinElmer Elan Kit: ($1,123)              Agilent 7500 Kit: ($1,622)
SC2011-Ni/WE021140 (Qty 3)                  HP1001-Ni/G1820-65238 (Qty 3)
SC2012-Ni/WE021137 (Qty 3)                  HP1002CE-Ni/G3270-65024 (Qty 3)
includes set of o-rings                               includes sample cone o-ring

PerkinElmer NexION Kit: ($1,323)       Agilent 7700/8800 Kit: ($1,649)
SC4011-Ni/W133612 (Qty 3)                    HP2001-Ni/G3280-67040 (Qty 3)
SC4012-Ni/W1026356 (Qty 3)                  HP2002X-Ni/G3280-67041 (Qty 3)
includes sample cone gasket                  includes sample cone gasket

ThermoFisher PQ/Excell/X-Series Kit: ($1,026)       
VG1021-Ni/3004661 (Qty 3)                                  
VG1004-Ni/3200860 (Qty 3)            ThermoFisher QMS cones come with
includes sample cone gasket           FREE cone tool (first order).   
ThermoFisher ICAP Q Kit: ($1,312)         
VG1021-Ni/Cu/3600812 (Qty 3)          
VG2004-Ni/1311870 (Qty 3)
includes sample cone gasket                 

Please call if your cones are not listed.  ALL nickel cone sets are eligable for this promotion.

* Cannot be combined with Ni reclaim credit.


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