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Ni  Skimmer Cone for ThermoFisher™ Element™ and Neptune™

Ni Skimmer Cone for ThermoFisher™ Element™ and Neptune™

Nickel skimmer cone for Element™ and Neptune™ sector mass spectrometers

ThermoFisher™ is a trademark of Thermo Fisher Scientific.
Spectron cones manufactured for ThermoFisher™ systems are of the highest quality, based on 30 years of ICP-MS experience in cone manufacturing and research and development.  They are however not manufactured by ThermoFisher™, or its suppliers. All Spectron cones are unconditionally guaranteed to perform as well, or better than the original.

Part #: T1002A-Ni

Cross Reference #: 1067600


ThermoFisher™ (Magnetic): Element™, Element™ 2, Neptune™